Creative Director & Photographer
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Concepts, Art Direction, Photography & Design

The City of Prague approached us to communicate the need to keep the city clean of graffitti… But graffiti is a form of artistic expression. So, in order to communicate our message in a non confrontational way, we decided to present "street cleaning", a cool, interesting and hip art form done by the most passionate artists.

Recruitment campaign for Czech Women's Rugby League.


Print Campaign to communicate the new line of Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid accompanied by the line "Over 200 Washes in Every Bottle".


Campaign for Malta’s own favourite soft drink, Kinnie: We created a whole series of characters in situations that represent Kinnie’s unique flavour: Bitter & Sweet. The scenes all take place around typical Maltese situations and habits…from car accidents and constant construction, to typical beach scenes. The spots are signed off with the line: “Isn’t it Great When Bitter and Sweet Get Along?” This spot is meant to be the Pilot introducing the series of AV spots to come.


Print-Dr. Scholl’s Foot Odor Powder


As we had a product that really wasn't different from the rest of relaxing/energetic drinks, we decided to make people curious about it by telling them that we didn't know what the effect would be when you drink it. That is why we came up with the concept: (Drink) At Your Own Risk.

Pepsi-Refresh Your World Activation Campaign

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The Slovak water brand Rajec, approached us to make a series of films which would stand out amongst all the water brands which claim to be the most pure. So we came up with the idea to have animals "direct" the spots themselves, thus leaving nature "untouched" by humans. We strapped specially designed (built exclusively by National Geographic DOP's for our project) GoPro cameras to animals and let them direct and shoot the films themsleves.

Film Director: Simon Wagen (BBC Documentary Filmmaker)

The first spot in the series "Hawk" illustrates how nature makes the purest form of Rajec's own all-natural Cranberry Water.

Tesco Christmas Campaign recognising Mom's hard (and sometimes taken for granted) work during the holidays. All POS materials followed the magical book design.

We were briefed to make a concept to win over small businesses in the local Maltese SME sector, while showing how their personal life is intertwined with their own business. The challenge was quite difficult as HSBC Bank had shunned SME's in the past.

This brought us to the idea of dedicating the AV spot to the small businessman/woman, to what is behind their dedication and commitment to their businesses.

The choice for black and white photography was chosen according to the visual style of the ongoing campaign; in the end B&W photos really worked in our favour since the tone brought another layer to the photos and the overall idea.


The use of photography from the AV spot was also spread across multiple Social Media Channels.


Product Campaign for Farson’s Ales


Branded posters for the Maltese Beer, Cisk.


Photography and artwork for the Musician, Adrian T Bell


My photos were also featured in Art Magazines around the world.